Reimagined. Redesigned. Ready to reward you this coming December 2020

what is mytreats?

A unique reward app that provides abundance of Gifts and SuperDeals for members to redeem throughout the whole year!
All wondrous Gifts and SuperDeals come in range of attractive products and services provided by our selected merchants.

lucky spin?

An ultimate game feature that allows members to receive prizes in the form of Gifts and SuperDeals. Spin up to 3 times a day for guaranteed prizes everyday. Just so you know, our branded merchants are very thrilled about throwing e-vouchers for you!


Enjoy up to 95% DISCOUNT for super awesome products or services from our Lucky Spin!

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As the name goes, GIFT is definitely FREE upon receiving it from the Lucky Spin. Spin it, receive it, redeem it, use it!


A redemption center to get specific items you have in mind and redeem it using your Treats Points. Ditch the catalog and choose what you really want instead. Submit a Wishlist item and abracadabra!

grow your treats points

As a member, your superpower is the ABILITY TO GROW TREATS POINTS when people join you.
 Your magical Treats points can be used to redeem SuperDeals and also request a Wishlist.