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Worth It Meh? (Part 1)

With just RM1 a day, you will get the chance to enjoy all sorts of benefits that you can never imagine would be so so bountifully rewarding for you and your whole family, not only now but for future endeavors.

You find it really hard to believe in this? I know, I’ve been there, and I’ve thought so too to be very frank with you. I mean, what’s the point of paying when you can use other mobile phone apps for free? Isn’t it?

After digging into the exploration in using the MyTreats app myself, I think I get it now. So, going back to the very main question here, why are people willing to pay RM1 a day? Check these out:

REWARD NO 1: RM500 worth of merchants‛ e-vouchers and the discount value
When you have successfully subscribed to become a MyTreats’ member, you will automatically be credited with an amount of 300 Treats points and 200 Deals points into your MyTreats account, which can be viewed easily on your profile page.

Image 1: Members can view their Treats and Deals points’ balance at the profile page in the app

The amount of point is equivalent to MYR currency where 1 point is equivalent to RM1.

Treats points act as e-vouchers for you to redeem to shop for your basic necessities or anything of your favour from MyTreats’ long list of branded merchants which include Giant Hypermarket, Village Grocer, KK Mart, Family Mart and a lot more to list down. You are free to decide how many points you want to redeem to purchase your items and pay them using the e-vouchers provided. (refer images below)

Image 2: You can find the list of all branded merchants where you can redeem the e-vouchers at, just right at the main interface of the page

Image 3: When you click at a particular merchant’s page, you can press the amount counter and select the amount of your favour

Meanwhile, Deals points are basically the discount value provided by MyTreats’ local merchants. For example, I want to have a plate of chicken rice with a retail price of RM7 at Kedai Nasi Ayam Kak Leha (disclaimer: this is just an example, so don’t look for Kak Leha’s chicken rice shop in the app okay?) per plate. Kak Leha is offering a RM2 discount off the retail price, hence I only need to pay Kak Leha RM5 in cash while the remaining RM2 discount will be deducted from my Deals point balance.

Image 4: Here is the list of some of the Deals promo provided by beloved local merchants

Fuhh. Let me take a deep breath becauseI seriously think I’ve already shared so much with only this first reward about these 2 different points, so I guess I’m just going stop here for now. Make sure to stay tuned because my next sharing will be about the other bountiful rewards, you’re about to reap in the exploration of this super cool app.

See you next time!

*All opinions mentioned in this article belong solely to the author and does not represent opinions of MyTreats.

With love,
Rohaima Rosly

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