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about myTreats

A unique reward app that provides Gifts and SuperDeal for members to redeem throughout the year. All Gifts and SuperDeal come in range of products and services provided by MyTreats’ merchants.

RM1 per day with a minimum of 1 year subscription.

To gain 5 times the value of the subscription price, given as daily Gifts and SuperDeal by MyTreats’ merchants for the whole year and earn referral Treats points to redeem any item of your choice.

Non-paid users can play Lucky Spin. However, to complete the redemption process, they would have to complete the subscription. Meanwhile, all prizes offered will be saved in the Treats box for future redemption before it expires.

Through bank transfer accepted by the following banks:-


Maybank2u | CIMB Clicks | RHB Now | Public Bank | Hong Leong Bank | Affin Bank | Alliance Bank | AmBank | Bank Islam | Bank Muamalat | Bank Rakyat | BSN | HSBC Bank | Kuwait Finance House | OCBC Bank | Standard Chartered | UOB Bank | Maybank2E

By playing Lucky Spin daily. A member is guaranteed to receive prizes.

No. The lucky spin game does not wager money for uncertain outcome. All spins are assured prizes. The subscription fee is paid to access promotions provided by MyTreats’ merchants. The “Lucky Spin” is just a marketing gamification theme.

It is a free product/service given.

Discounted product/service up to 95%

After accepting the prize, you can choose to Redeem Now or Redeem Later. For Redeem Now, you can choose to redeem through self-collect or delivery (if such option is available from merchant). You can view the merchant’s contact and address via Google map which will bring you to the location. If you choose to redeem later, the prize will be saved in the Treats box, and ready for you to redeem before it expires.

At the collection point, member would have to display the app to the cashier to collect the prize, and pay the remaining amount (if any). Merchants would have to finalize the redemption by ensuring the “RECEIVED” button is pressed. For delivery option, member can pay using Treats points or bank transfer. Payment would include fee of delivery service provided by the merchant. If the RECEIVED button is not pressed within 7 days after the delivery status has shown as delivered, the order will be considered as received.

Prizes expired will not be redeemable. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure all prizes should be redeemed before the expiration dates. It is important to observe the time remain for every prize and Wishlist item when choosing self-collect.

Member can contact the delivery provider direct via the details of the delivery order, accessible through the item accepted in Treatsbox or call the merchant directly for enquiry.

They are points earned  through referral of membership and can be used to pay SuperDeal and request Wishlist items. 1 Treats point is equivalent to RM1.00. Treats points can also be used for account renewal.

A collection area that stores all prizes and Wishlist items that have been redeemed unredeemed, and expired.

Expiration of prize redemption differs from prize to prize, all subject to the merchants. On average, it has a minimum duration of 24 hours before it expires.

Yes. Member is allowed to transfer any prizes to anyone with MyTreats app. However, items redeemed to Wishlist is not transferable.

You can find your transaction history on History Log within profile page and view all transactions pertaining to:

  • Treats point transfer or receival
  • SuperDeal/Gifts redemption
  • Wishlist redemption

MyTreats does not provide delivery service. Any available delivery service will be provided directly by the merchant. Delivery option is subject to individual merchant.

Treats points are reward that can only be received through referral. Refer to reward points below #23.

  • Direct QR scanning of their profile
  • Sharing of referral link via media channels. e.g. Whatsapp
  • Treats transfer via media channel. e.g. Whatsapp

7 days from link created. If unused after 7 days, recipient of the link will not be able to redeem the Treats points.

Treats points will be given based on the following referral system:-

    • 1st level – 20 Treats points, 2nd level – 5 Treats points and 3rd level – 5 Treats points for the new members referred.
    • 1st level – 10 Treats points, 2nd level – 3 Treats points and 3rd level – 3 Treats points for the renewal of existing members.

The 1st level refers to the memberships that come immediately under you, the 2nd level refers to the memberships that come under your 1st level and the 3rd level refers to the memberships that come under the 2nd level.

No. Treats points are not convertible to cash and can only be used to redeem SuperDeal and Wishlist item.

Members can transfer and receive. Non-paid users can only receive.

It is a feature that allows members to redeem specific items in exchange of Treats points.

It can be any product or service that is legal.

Members specify their desired item for redemption and will be notified of the availability within 7 days. If the item is available, member can choose to accept the redemption by pressing Exchange Points to Redeem. Treats points would then be deducted and the item can be collected through self-collect or delivery (if available)

Depends on the amount of Treats points available and the price of item.

You can reach us through the Message Center in your profile or use the following communication channel:-


An account that is not renewed after 1 year of subscription will automatically be suspended, and subsequently terminated after 1 week.

A terminated account will lose all Treats points, prizes, Wishlist item.

No. Payment cannot be refunded upon successful subscription.

You can only transfer all your Treats points and prizes to another account. Account name and other profile details cannot be changed.

Contact us through the Message Center about your business.